The Healing Power of Hands

Massage has many benefits including:

  • Stress relief,
  • Promotes relaxation,
  • Reduces muscle stress and
  • Helps assist healing

Professional treatments are offered here in BodyKore. On your initial visit the therapist will spend time taking your personal and medical information. You will also go through any history of injuries or issues you may have.  You can ask any questions or concerns you may have. Together then, we will decide on the best treatment for you.

A massage oil is normally used but massage can be given through clothing (Tui Na). Equipment like cupping, ultrasound or moxi sticks may be used if needed but will be discussed with you before applying these.

All treatments and consultations are completely confidential. Treatments generally will last between 30-60mins.

Following your initial visit more treatments may be required which will be discussed after your treatment.

In most cases you will be given exercises to do at home so you can continue to help yourself and aid and speed up your recovery time. The more you put into it the more you get out of it.

Here is a list of the professional massages/treatments available here in BodyKore, Monaghan Town.

Unwind and de-stress to a massage which includes arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders. Can be applied, weak, medium or deep. (Abdomen will be included upon request) Available for either 55mins or 90mins

Helps; speed up injury recovery, release unwanted muscle tension, increase blood circulation & lymph flow, relieve swelling, reduce post activity fatigue, increase performance, promote flexibility and prevent future injuries.

Most popular

To relieve stress & tension. the shoulder and neck hold up the heaviest part of the body: the head. Activities like working on a computer, writing, driving and feeling stressed can all cause aches and pains and leave you feeling sore and drained.

A gentle massage for pregnancy designed to relax the mother to be increasing the chances for a rlaxed baby.

A very gentle & soft form of massage. Working in the direction of lymph nodes it is designed to stimulate the bodys lymphatic system which helps to eliminate waste & toxins.  It also improves circulation, metabolism & boosts immune system.

Ancient abdominal healing massage. Clears blockages & stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body. It promotes good health & encourages organs to function fully. Food Intolerance testing is included in your initial treatment.

Used to soften tight muscles, tone attachments, loosen adhesion, bring hydration and blood flow to the tissues of the body, and drain excess fluid and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.

Warning: Naked flame used & body may mark for a few days.

Oncology Massage.  Light & gentle form of massage, adapted for each individuals situation. Helps to relief stress and promote sleep.

Includes Facial Massage, Lymphatic drainage on the face, steaming, drops, reflexology & a  free inhaler.