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Change your mind, Change your Life

Professional Hypnotherapy is offered here in BodyKore (Monaghan). The most popular reasons for receiving Hypnotherapy is for weight loss, “Kick It” smoking, fears, stress or sports improvement gains.

Hypnotherapy works along with your subconscious mind. It allows suggestions into your subconscious mind to be called upon when you need it.
When using hypnotherapy people can have heightened focus and be able to concentrate on a specific thought or memory,
while block out other distractions.

Hypnosis will be induced by using either a rapid or progressive induction involving a series of instructions and suggestions. From here there are added suggestions catering for your own personal issues. You will normally feel calm and relaxed. It will depend on your reason for hypnotherapy and the individual client on how many sessions will be needed.

Hypnotherapy does not do the job for you, but helps to ease the transformation. On average between six and eight sessions might be expected for most ailments,
whereas one- three sessions may be sufficient to cease smoking.

Here in BodyKore Monaghan I offer a package to “Kick It”. Your full guide to becoming smoke free. 3 Sessions which includes a CD, to re-enforce your goals.

“I am daily making myself what I am” Robert Thurman, Buddhist


  • “Kick It” Smoking Programme €195 (Includes 3 sessions & Cd)
  • Hypnotherapy €60- (6th session – get 50% off)
  • Any additional sessions – €50


  • Loss of consciousness – You will be even more alert during hypnosis.
  • Surrender of Will: You will be always capable of making decisions at all times.
  • Revelations of Secrets: You are aware of everything and will not reveal anything you don’t want to.
  • Fear of not being Revived: You can easily come out of hypnosis at any time you wish.

Discover the incredible benefits of Hypnotherapy

Feeling drawn to Hypnotherapy?

Here is more in-depth information to help you decide if it’s for you.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion. It’s a natural trance state, like daydreaming, when the mind is relaxed and focused, accompanied by good feelings of deep relaxation.

Hypnotherapy works by helping you into a hypnotic state. The therapist aims to trigger the body’s mental and physical self-healing processes that lie in the subconscious.

Anybody can be sent into a hypnotic state; if you are willing it’s not a sign of gullibility or suggestibility. You are conscious and aware, but are open to the power of suggestion. You cannot be induced to do anything against your will. You’re fully aware of what’s happening when under hypnosis. The predominant feeling of most people is that it cannot have worked and they did not ‘go under’.

During hypnosis you can think, talk, open your eyes and respond to suggestion freely. You are usually aware of your surroundings and can hear everything going on around you, including the hypnotherapist’s voice.

Hypnotherapy works by distracting the conscious mind causes a dissociation of the conscious and unconscious mind, which the hypnotherapist can use a variety of techniques to do this.

The hypnotherapist will talk in a soothing voice and you visualise relaxing and monotonous situations, you are able to go into a state of very deep relaxation where you are still aware of your surroundings but are much more sensitive to suggestion.

With your eyes closed, the hypnotherapist deepens the trance by suggestions and while the conscious mind is busy positive suggestions are then introduced
and absorbed by the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious can be ‘reprogrammed’ to deal with certain feelings in a different way and so hypnotherapy is not only very effective in treatment of phobias, some addictions, but also in reducing stress and alleviating pain.

Researchers claim success rates of 90% and higher for professionally conducted hypnotherapy, that is followed up with a treatment plan and self-hypnosis cd’s.

Irish Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy claim an 80% success rate in treating clients for smoking.

Hypnotherapy is useful for treating both physical and some mental issues. Used in conjunction with other therapies, hypnotherapy can help patients to overcome certain psychological complaints, weight loss, phobias, and stress.

Hypnotherapy is not generally advisable for mentally disturbed or psychotic patients.