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Pilates Starting 20th Feb for 6 weeks.

At BodyKore you work with the same therapist for all issues, saving you time, money and having to discuss your issues with multiple professionals. Here you are treated as an individual, taught to become more aware of and understand your own body.

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Pregnancy Massage

Cancer Care Massage

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In just two months of using BodyKore just once a week I have gone from a size 36 inch to a 33 inch waist. I have also dropped 9 kilos in weight, from 97 to 88 kilos. I can now see my abs for the first time in years and I feel fitter – healthier and I have a lot more stamina than ever before. I cannot recommend Lynda and her methods highly enough.


I was skeptical when I first went for hypnotherapy for a gastric band. But after the first session my hunger decreased. I lost 12 pound in a month and no longer ate large amounts of food. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to help loose weight.


I have been visiting Lynda’s BodyKore studio from the first day she opened, I cant rate her highly enough, nothing too much trouble for her, I am trying out the hypnosis at present and it is excellent.