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Here in BodyKore Monaghan I offer professional Personal Training to cater for your goals.

Do you lack the motivation to get up and get active? Then maybe “One to One Training” is for you.

Your initial consultation/training session will be slightly longer than the package/time purchased.  This is so we are not rushing through Q & A’s and measurements/ fitness tests.

You will be taught how to exercise correctly.  What things you need to watch out for when your training on your own& become more in touch with your body and how it feels.

We will discuss:

  • Any medial and exercise history.
  • What your goals are
  • What your body needs are
  • Take your measurements
  • Discuss any questions and your availability

After the initial consultation/training we organise your next day of training or book an ongoing appointment.  Setting out a specific programme to suit your needs and wants, which is tailored to your own abilities.

Programmes available for Weight Loss, Toning and Definition, Injury/Strain Strengthening, Pilates, and many more. If you wish for a gym programme or home programme these also can be designed just for you, to keep you going between PT sessions. (Additional charges apply)

With our busy lifestyles these days if you find it hard to make it into the studio, home training can also be arranged. (Additional charges apply)

Note: Consultation is free for those who purchase a PT package (5 or 10 sessions) otherwise there is a €20 fee.

Why Exercise?

There are so many benefits to exercising but here are the main ones.

  • Make you feel better
  • It can help with weight loss
  • Stimulates development of bones & muscles and your heart & lungs
  • Can prevent mental health problems
  • It can increase your energy levels
  • It can reduce your risk to chronic disease; High blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes
  • Helps manage symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • It can help with skin health
  • It can help with brain memory and sleep quality
  • It can reduce pain
  • Promote better sex life
  • Boosts your mood and wellbeing

With the everyday stress in people’s lives these days, there isn’t too many that would say they don’t need help with any of the above.


Call Lynda on 087 4199652

Discuss in detail, a programme to suit you.

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