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Here at BodyKore in Monaghan town I can offer a variety of exercise/fitness classes for your own private group. Contact BodyKore for more information.

2023 Timetable –

Booking Essential

DAY TIME – All based on 6 week course
Monday 7.10-7.55 – Pilates​  20th Nov 5 weeks – In studio – full (zoom places available)

Contact me for more info regarding pilates via zoom

Pilates – Next Course Starting 20th Nov – 5 weeks

Mon – 6 weeks @ €50

Booking essential

Max numbers in Pilates is 7 people (In Studio). This is to ensure you are getting the full benefit of Pilates & monitored & corrected throughout the entire class.

Pilates will run as a 6-week course, we cover all basis valuable information- posture, ailment, breathing etc at the start of each course.

This is to ensure you get as much benefit from the class as possible and have the knowledge to know and understand what you need to be aware of in your body to get the best results from Pilates.

Classes on Request

Mixture of Dynamic & Static stretching and HIIT routine covering High Intensity, Legs & Core work.  This class works the entire body increasing flexibility, strength and posture while also toning & burning calories.
Pay as you go €5

To strengthen, lengthen the body core and improve posture.

Pilates also helps you to learn how to breath correctly for Pilates using your entire lung capacity, to be more aware of your posture on a day to day basis and to improve your flexibility allowing normal daily functions to become easier.
7-week course €45

​Early Bird Friday morning class €40

This class works the whole body bringing all muscles through their full range of movement. Increasing flexibility and loosening out tight and aching muscles. There will also be the added bonus of Pilates added in to help improve posture and core strength.

A class specifically to work the abdominal area and to strengthen the lower back, glutes & hips.

PAYG €4.00

A class specifically to work the abdominal area and strengthen the lower back/glutes. While also bringing in weights to work the arms, upper back and shoulders
PAYG €4.00

Using weights, your own body weight and high impact exercises to strengthen and tone the body with a High Intensity Interval training class to encourage fat burning and increase fitness. 6 week course €30

Learn how to use Hypnosis yourself for ​weight loss and dealing with stress. You will be taught the steps of self-hypnosis and at the end of the course you will receive all cd’s to listen to when you need to, to help reinforce the issues dealt with. We will look at goal settings, exercise, sleep plus much more.

6 weeks- €70

A class to help increase fitness while toning your body. A variety of stations of cardio, weights and body weight exercises to give you a total body workout.

A mixed variety of exercises using the kettlebells to work the entire body, challenging the body each week.

A mixture of Dynamic Stretching to loosen out the entire body and Kettlebells to work and tone the entire body.

A variety of exercise classes for 20mins each. We will be covering cardio, toning, weights and a variety of equipment. Something different each week to keep it interesting.

Power Hoop- Shape up your waist & entire body workout in this fun exciting class using the power hoop. By using a weighted (5lbs) hoop it helps to work your waist and tone up the abdomen. the hoop is also used for working the arms and legs. You will also learn how to move, jog, twist, squat and even do some step aerobics while hooping at the same time.

Punch your way fit, using pads, bags and cardio to shape up. Learn how to punch and kick correctly to tone up & strengthen your arms, chest, back, legs etc while de-stressing and becoming fit at the same time.

Feel the burn, exercises for endurance and fitness. This fun class is non-stop exercising. using weights, kettlebells, punch bags and much more, doing a variety of exercises for one minute to work the entire body.


Specific class for you and friends

Why not organise your own weekly slot, with your friends to exercise. Your class, your rules, your goals. You decide what you want to work on.

Classes can include any of the above, or Circuits, Over 60’s, Aerobics, Fab Ab’s, Chair based exercises, Toning and many more .